Collaborative Art Tools

Today was my last day working on a mural with the kids at Light House Christian School. As I was cleaning up all the tools they used, I became attached to them as objects/artifacts left behind by my little community of makers. These objects bear witness to our collaborative process. After spending more than 8 weeks with the kids, brainstorming, drawing, and painting, I developed a relationship with them. Our tools carried evidence of our experience making art together. I photographed them to keep them as a reminder of our process, which was sometimes fun and sometimes very frustrating, but most important it was an experience that grew and challenged us. Our soon to be finished mural is looking beautiful, and these objects are just as important to me as the finished product.



Went on a short day hike with my family in Picnic Point (one of my favorite places in madison) and found lots of these wonderful mushrooms! 


Tita Aurora

It's been almost one year since she passed away, but my memories of her are still alive. Soon an entire body of work in response to her life and life after death will be on display, entitled auroral display.


My family and I went on a short hike in Hurricane, Utah. It was short because my two year old daughter kept stopping every few minutes to discover "hidden treasures". Natalia's innate ability to explore encouraged me to slow down and notice the beautiful marks around me. 


A Day Without Latinos

February 18, 2016: A day where more than 20,000 Latinos gathered around the capitol in Madison, WI to protest two bills that would not only affect individuals, but families as well. I took photos of protesters' feet as we marched around the capitol and recorded voices that still need to be heard.